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At Peter and Richmond In Toronto’s Soho South District, this is where it happens.

With 24,000 square feet of prime Office / Commercial space on the 2nd and 3rd floors, 117 Peter St. offers tremendous ownership potential for your studio or office design. With shell spaces from 500 to approximately 12,000 square feet, your design options are wide open.

117 Peter St rendering
117 Peter St interior rendering

Building Features

24,000 square feet of prime office space. We deserve the best!

10 foot ceilings. Room is needed for our big ideas.

Light and airy. Inside and Out. We think better after a breath of fresh air. The easily accessible, comfortably furnished open-air terrace (accessible to office owners and tenants only) gives us one.

Location, location. After five, we’re right where we want to be.

Visionary design; heritage location. We love great fusions.

Surrounded by Toronto’s finest everything… Look out, we’re on our way…

Suite Features


Floors to be exposed concrete surface of structural concrete slab. Demising Walls Demising walls shall be constructed of either (i) taped and sanded drywall on metal studs (complete with acoustic insulation) and/or (ii) laminated drywall on concrete columns/walls and/or block wall.


Exposed concrete ceiling on level 2 and suspended ceiling on level 3; ceiling heights on levels 2 and 3 will be approximately 10’0”. (Note: Where structural drops/beams or mechanical/ plumbing systems exist, the ceiling height will be less than indicated).


Unit to come complete with off-white sunscreen roller shades.

Office Entry

Each office suite entry to be a painted solid wood door with satin chrome steel lever hardware and glass side light.


Empty conduit will be supplied from the main panel to each unit along with a disconnect switch (575V). The panel board will be installed in accordance with the vendor’s architectural and electrical plans.

High-Speed Internet

Empty conduit for telephone and/or cable will be provided to a point within the unit from the condominium’s telephone/cable room for each office level, in accordance with the service provider’s requirements and equipment.

Heating, Ventilation,
and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating/cooling for each suite will be supplied by Variable Refrigerant Fan Coil (VRF) system allowing for heating and cooling year-round. VRF units to be located within each suite. Heating/cooling distribution within units to be supplied by others/owner. Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) will be utilized throughout the office floors.


A capped 13mm cold water line, and sanitary piping and exhaust vent connections, to be located near the corridor wall of the unit; 50mm plumbing vent, together with sanitary drainage to be roughed in “above floor level” by the vendor. Any domestic hot water required shall be provided by way of an electric domestic hot water heater acquired or rented by the purchaser at its sole cost and expense.

Life Safety Systems

The unit shall include a sprinkler system as required by the applicable provisions of the Ontario Building Code. Each unit will be equipped with a fire alarm speaker.


The unit will be sub-metered for electrical and cold water consumption. Retail unit on the ground floor will also be sub-metered for natural gas.

Exterior Wall

The exterior wall is composed of glazed curtain wall and/or masonry with punched windows.


A rooftop terrace for the benefit of all tenants and their employees and guests will be included in the commercial amenity space and will be accessible from the second floor. Exterior furnishings will be provided.