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117 Peter St

Ownership Benefits

Why build up someone else’s equity when you can be building up your own?

Be in control! With commercial ownership you’re in full control over all elements within your office. In the future should you need to expand you may also purchase other units from another unit owner. Your condominium unit may be as small as a single office suite or could consist of the entire 2nd or 3rd floors of the building.

Condominium office ownership will allow your company the ability to lock in occupancy costs, therefore giving you a greater control on the future expenditures of your business. From an investment perspective, when purchasing in a prime location, such as Peter St and Wellington the ability to profit from the long-term capital appreciation will become a major asset.

Future proofing! Should you anticipate future expansion you can initially purchase a larger space and sublet the excess area to third party until your company is ready to expand. Equally you have the flexibility to sell either all or a percentage of your space when required. In addition to long-term appreciation, you have the flexibility to control all aspects of the interior design and function, precisely catered to their needs. In a commercial condominium, any space improvement investments are the property of the owner, whereas tenant lease improvements become the property of the landlord.

This is an opportunity for a forward-looking professional, to become a commercial owner instead of paying “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in future rent. Isn’t it time to consider the facts and start building up equity?

117 Peter St